The Medical Section, also known as MED Cell, advises the Wounded Warrior Regiment and Marine commands regarding medical issues, emerging technologies and treatments impacting wounded, ill and injured (WII) Marines with emphasis on the invisible wounds of traumatic brain injury (TBI) , and combat stress.

The section consists of the Regiment Surgeon, Nurse Case Manager, Mental Health Advisor, Traumatic Brain Injury Program Coordinator, Psychological Health Program Coordinator and several Licensed Clinical Consultants. The section performs several roles: advocacy, care coordination, educational outreach and collaboration with public/private providers (military treatment facilities, Marine Corps Community Service Programs, Veterans Administration, civilian programs, social service agencies and charitable organizations) to ensure the best care for WII Marines and their families.

Research Studies

Research Studies:  DoD has given approval to specific research studies that are looking to improve care for wounded warriors. If you are interested in participating in a research study, please find below information on current Department of Defense approved studies:

*Disclaimer – Links to DoD approved research studies are “for information only” to interested participants. Wounded Warrior Regiment does not solicit participants or endorse specific research studies or organizations listed, and is not responsible for any expenses not covered by the research study.”

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