Integrated Disability Evaluation System

This toolkit is intended to provide quick links to resources and information to assist Marines, families, and staff as they navigate the Department of Navy (DON) Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) process. Although you will find this toolkit to be useful, you should regularly refer your questions to the subject matter experts - Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officers (PEBLO), Limited Duty (LIMDU) Coordinators or Wounded Warrior Career Planners.


Points of Contact and Resource Information

Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer Contact List
Navy and Marine Corps Disability Attorney Roster


SECNAVINST 1850.4E (DON Disability Evaluation Manual)
MCO P1900.16 (Separations Manual)
MANMED Chapter 18 (Manual of the Medical Department - Medical Boards)
Direct Type Memorandum (DTM) for the IDES
Responsibilities of the LIMDU Coordinator
MARADMIN 228/06 (Active Duty Career Retention and PLD)
MMARADMINARADMIN 343/10 (Changes in Delivery of DD Form 214 to Active Duty and Reserve Marines)
MARADMIN 328/10 PTSD (Involuntary separation procedures PTSD/TBI)
DoD Inst 1332.38

Checklists and Procedures

Combat Wounded PLD/EPLD Process Checklist
LIMDU Coordinator Checklist
Responsibilities of the Limited Duty Coordinator
Discharge from Active Duty with Severance Pay Checklist
Temporary Disability Retired list (TDRL) (Initial Retirement from Active Duty) Checklist
Permanent Disability Retired List (PDRL) (Initial Retirement from Active Duty) Checklist
Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL) (Later Discharged or Transferred) Checklist
PEB Counseling Checklist (Unfit)
PEB Counseling Checklist (FIT)
Procedures for the Formal PEB
PEB Election of Options (Informal)
PEB Election of Options (Formal)
IDES notice of Legal rights
RCC referral guidance sheet


PDBR DD Form 294 (Physical Disability Board of Review)
CRSC DD Form 2860 (Combat Related Special Compensation)
BCNR DD Form 149 (Board for Correction of Naval Records)
Standard Form 180 (Medical Information Release Form)
VA Consent Form 3288 (Accompanies the DD Form 294)
DD Form 2656 (Survivor Benefit Plan)
NDRB Form DD293 (Naval Discharge Review Board)

Sample Documents

Non-Medical Assessment (NMA)
PLD Request
DoD/VA Joint IDES referral form (VA claim form 21-0819)

Formal Board Logistics

Map of Washington Naval Yards

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits and Compensation
Physical Disability Board of Review


PLD / EPLD Brief (Updated: 5/2010 by WWR)
Limited Duty and DES Processing (Updated: 9/2009 by MMSR-4)
Understanding the IDES Findings
Permanent Limited Duty
The Survivor Benefits Program
VGLI and Other Life Insurance for Veterans and Families
The Temporary Disability Retirement List (TDRL)


Wounded Warrior Regiment Brochure
Staying Marine - PLD/EPLD Fact Sheet
IDES Attorney Program Fact Sheet
IDES Attorney by location
Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) Fact Sheet
TDRL Fact Sheet
Tricare/DD214/Retiree ID card Fact Sheet
Retiree Dental Fact Sheet
Combat Related Special Compensation Fact Sheet (CRSC)
Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Fact Sheet
SGLI/VGLI Fact Sheet
Wounded Warrior Call Center Fact Sheet
District Injured Support Coordinator Fact Sheet
Physical Disability Board Of Review (PDBR) Fact Sheet
Role of the Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC)
RCC DoD/VA benefits handbook
RCC Terminally Ill Benefits Handbook
IDES Pocket Guide
TRICARE Prime Service Area Reductions